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“…we in the UK will be able to show the world that, far from being on the wrong side of history, we got it undeniably right back in 2014”.

- Louise Ross: Ex Manager for Leicester’s Stop Smoking Service, Vape Advocate

“…regulators will start to be taught lessons about the limits of their power by consumers, markets, internet commerce and overseas entrepreneurs.”

- Clive Bates: Counterfactual Consulting Limited, Ex Director of Action on Smoking and Health, Blogs at

“…the future could see simplicity take over as innovation in devices improves apace.”

- Martin Cullip: New Nicotine Alliance

“…the tobacco industry is gaining control over the vaping market and doesn’t care at all about your health.”

- Ghyslain Armand: Funder of Vaping Post and PGVG Magazine. Co-maker of the documentary film “Beyond the Cloud

“This year more than ever, consumers, industry, and researchers alike must unite to defend flavours with a common voice.”

- Nigel Quine: CEO, Cuts Ice

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