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Juul labs has quit the VTA after only a year of major financial contributions to the vape industry trade group. JUUL cited strategic conflicts with VTA including there recent support for Tobacco 21 legislation and the banning of e-liquid flavours, which VTA vehemently rejects.

This announcement coincides with JUUL’s latest statement “Our Commitment to the PMTA process” the turning point for JUUL appears to be the latest VTA lawsuit challenging the FDA’s premarket tobacco application (PMTA). “We are fully committed to the current PMTA process and are confident in the content and the quality of the materials we will submit with our application by May 2020” stated JUUL.

Vapor Technology Association have responded with “VTA is proud of its rapidly growing membership. We are committed more than ever to advocating for rational regulations that will ensure the availability of a diverse array of product options for adult smokers. We simply ask that all other vapor companies which believe in our vision of a diverse and vibrant marketplace join us in our fight.”

Is this another nail in the coffin for the smaller vape companies? JUUL obviously has the resources to put together a PMTA application and the small business owners that started the vaping industry simply do not. It’s the small business owners that will ultimately pay for all of the dumb mistakes Juul has made in recent years. Their only choice is to sue the FDA and hope for a miracle. It seems that JUUL doesn’t want to any part of that.

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